Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Second Thoughts

I put my first thoughts into a different blog.

On second thought, Talk To Ted! is my real estate slogan and I think I will turn this into a real estate blog. But I don't like this name for it. I like Finding Myself In Palm Coast better. I took the 'Finding Myself..part from a friend's blog 'Finding Myself In Hoboken" The finding myself give much room for improvization. Don't feel like creating it right now. I'm not happy with this blogt effor either, so go find yourself..

More Later.

Monday, December 1, 2008

First Thoughts

Should have thought about this before I just jumped in to start a blog...Let's see, here are some of the things that interest me:

-Using my free will to select a philosopy of life that is fun to live by and lets me reflect on who I am and be pleased.

-Mind/Body connections; identifying the intelligence and personality traits carried in our DNA; --Defining a new morality that recognizes the disconnect between siring, raising and supporting children.

-Finding interesting cyberfriends who rant and reflect; trade interests and experiences.